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Add user

Adding users can be done individually. Admin users are the only ones who can increase their team or have the option to add users.

Add individually

Adding users is done from the Users menu.

Settings > Users > "Invite a new user."

The "Invite a new user" form will be displayed. Now you just need to enter all the required data of the user and click save.

The department will be assigned as he is assigned in the company structure.

You must also add a holiday calendar to each user, e.g. he works for your company in another country, then you can enter him the calendar of the country where he works.

Employment start date, with this field you can specify when your new user has his first working day.

Annual quota (current year) is automatically calculated with the annual quota stored in the department and the employment start date. It is a suggestion from absentify and can be changed as desired. For the following years the contingent is taken from the department.

Shortly after, an invitation will be sent to the registered email. Importantly, it must be the email from the user's Microsoft account. 

After you have added the user, you can add any information about the user under User > Pen behind any user. Like, among other things, the birthday or a responsible approver for the user.

In addition, you can then create a schedule for each user individually, for their working hours. Simple and individual. User > Pencil behind User > Schedule > "New Work Schedule"

When this is done, you can also make spontaneous changes in the work schedules of individual users, in case the working time should change. 

User > Pencil behind User > Schedule > Details > "New work schedule"


It is important that you set your schedule correctly so that the deductions are correct when you book your absence. 

You can also add an already created calendar for users who work abroad. Which includes the public holidays. To do this, click on the calendar already set and in the dropdown list you will see the calendars.

User > Pencil behind User > "Public holiday calendar"

You can add new holiday calendars under Settings > "Holidays" > Add holidays.

There you can find holidays from over 250 countries and 3000 regions.


Don't forget to click on the Save button at the bottom right!

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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