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Annual vacation contingent

The annual vacation contingent is set by the company for all employees. As well as the carryover from the previous year to the new year.

Settings > User > Pen behind user > Contingent

Here is an example of the quota calculation for a user. 

A carryover from the previous year of 2 days means that 2 days are added to the quota.

The credit is taken from the department and is available to the user as an annual quota. 

A time off balance of one day is also added to the quota, so this stands at 33 days. Only administrators can change this value.

If your user has entered an approved leave, the sum of all requests will be under "days taken". 

Carryover + Credit + Time off - Taken = Remaining credit

The carryover is set by the company for all employees by default.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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