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How to access absentify if invitation wasn't sent?

Administrators have the option to disable "Automatically send invitation emails" when creating new employee accounts in absentify. This is useful if the employee's account has not yet been fully set up.

However, you may wonder how you can send users their invitation retroactively after initially deactivating this feature. Not to worry, you can still set this up after the fact - keep reading to learn more!

Send invitation email

Because there is no option to manually resend the invitation email, absentify offers two easy ways to grant an employee access:

Invitation by Administrator or Employee

The administrator or another employee can send an email to the concerned employee, asking them to install the absentify app in Microsoft Teams or to click on this link.

Once the employee logs in and their email address is matched to an existing invitation, they gain access to your organization's workspace.

Installation by Teams Administrator

Firstly, the teams administrator has to pre-install absentify for the concerned employee within Microsoft Teams - ideally pinning it to the left menu for easy access.

The next time the employee starts Microsoft Teams, they will see a notification that a new app has been automatically installed.

Further troubleshooting

What happens if the email address can't be matched?

If an employee logs in and their email address cannot be matched to an existing invitation, they have two options:

- To create a new workspace in absentify, or
- To request that administrators invite them (this is only possible if their email domain can be matched to an existing workspace).

If you're still running into difficulty, please feel free to start a conversation with our support team!

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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