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How to cancel a request

Are you trying to cancel a request for yourself or another user but not sure where to start? This article will have all the information you need to cancel any absence requests.

Cancelling a request for yourself

Start by clicking on the desired request that you'd like to cancel. For example, Diego would like to cancel their holiday from the 17th until the 20th of March.

From the absence request window, click on the three small dots on the bottom left side, followed by "Cancel request".

You'll then be prompted to give a reason for your cancellation. Once you've filled this out, press "OK" to submit the cancellation request.

And that't it! If you go to the Overview page, you'll see that your request has been deleted.


Leave requests that have already begun cannot be cancelled by another other than the administrator. All other users are only able to cancel requests that are to take place in the future.

In the example below, Diego's paternity leave began on March 8th, which means that he cannot cancel it today (March 9th). That's why the three dots aren't shown here.

Cancelling a request for another user

If you're cancelling a request for someone other than yourself, the steps are the exact same as those above. However, this is only possible for either a manager or an admin user.

As a manager: Department managers are able to cancel requests under the following conditions:
absence requests for users within their department
absence requests that are to take place in the future and have not already begun

As an admin: Administrators can cancel any request for any user, regardless of when it began.

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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