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Set business hours

Each user in absentify can have one or more work schedules. The work schedule determines the working days from which deductible leave will be subtracted, such as vacation.

Set your business' working hours

When you first log in, the work schedule displayed for your users is determined by the business hours set in place by administration.

As a company administrator, you can easily configure these hours under "Settings" > "General" > "Business hours".

Select the working days and times for your company and click "Save" to save your changes.


If you want to schedule your staff for a full eight hour shift, you must select the boxes for both the morning and afternoon shift. 

Set a user's working hours

The schedule you've just set will be the same schedule for every user within your company. If you'd like a user's schedule to differ from that of the company, you can easily configure this.

To edit a separate work schedule for a specific user user, go to "Settings" > "Users" then click on the pencil icon for "Edit" next to the user and go to "Schedule".

From here you can edit their current work schedule, or click "Add a new schedule" if they are to have an upcoming change to their schedule and you'd like to input it ahead of time.

Select the user's soon-to-be working hours and as of when the new schedule should start by selecting a specific date from dropdown list "from".

You can also set the working hours or check the box for "morning"/"afternoon" for users who only work half days.

Don't forget to click "Save" to save any changes made!

You'll know see the new schedule and whether or not it is already effective or will begin in the future.


Please note that a user cannot have two active schedules at the same time. When making a new schedule, as soon as the old one expires, it will be automatically marked as "Completed"

Updated on: 07/04/2023

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