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Setting up hourly leave

With absentify's innovative absence planning features you can simplify your leave management process, including customizing leave types to be deducted in minutes, hours or days.

This feature ensures that your calendar remains clean and focused, while still keeping track of all your time-off requests! Join us as we dive deeper into absentify's hourly absence feature and explore how it streamlines leave management for both employees and managers alike.

Please note that this feature is only available in the small team, business and enterprise plan. Interested? See our Plans and pricing to power up your plan and get the most out of what absentify has to offer!

Covered in this article:

Add an allowance
Add a leave type
Update allowance per user
Create hourly leave requests

Add an allowance

Let's get started! Navigate to Settings > Allowances > New allowance.

If you haven't created any allowances yet, we recommend that you first read this article on adding allowance types.

Once you've setup the allowance components to your liking, click on the dropdown menu Allowance in days or hours and select Hours. This will affect how the corresponding leave type is calculated from the user's total yearly allowance.

Under the fields Default allowance for both the current and next fiscal year, select how many hours and minutes each user should be allocated.

Once your happy with the details of your new allowance type, click Save.

Add a leave type

Now that you've configured your allowance to deduct from a specific quota, you have the flexibility to choose leave in hours or minutes. The next step is to add a leave type that will deduct from the allowance created.

Remember, adjustments to the leave type's value should be made thoughtfully, as changes cannot be made retroactively.

Start by going to Settings > Leave type > Add a new leave type. From the "Duration unit" dropdown menu, select the desired minimum unit for this absence.

For example, by selecting 10 minutes, users cannot request this leave type for 5 minutes, but rather only leave in increments of ten minutes.

Select the allowance type you had previously created that this leave should deduct from.

Please be advised that if you select an allowance that has been set to a different absence unit, the leave type will be updated automatically to correspond to the absence unit setup within the allowance.

Update allowance per user

absentify also allows admins the option to update the allowance for an individual user. This can be done under Settings > Users > Allowance and clicking the pencil icon for "Edit".

Make sure to edit the correct allowance if you've created multiple!

Once you're happy with your changes, click Save.

Create hourly leave requests

Now you and your staff are ready to book time off for short periods such as a quick doctor's appointment.

From either the Overview page or My calendar, click on Create a request. Select the leave type from the dropdown menu and input the number of minutes or hours requested.

The absence unit selected for the leave type will be the minimum that a user can request. I.e. if 15 minutes was selected, users can only select times in their leave request in increments of 15 minutes.

After clicking send request and the request goes through the necessary approval process, it will show up in the user's schedule.

For a more detailed view, click on the request itself. You'll be brought to the a day log overview where you can see a breakdown of all the different leave types taken on the selected day.

Remember that if users book time off outside of their scheduled hours, these entries won't be directly visible in their calendar. Instead, users will notice an orange corner indicating these special entries.

Click on one of the leaves scheduled for that day for more details.

We hope this guide has illuminated the features and benefits of absentify, making your leave management process more efficient and hassle-free. From setting up hour-based allowances to keeping track of time off outside your regular schedule, absentify ensures that both employees and managers navigate leave management smoothly.

If you need any further support setting up this feature, reach out to our support team.

Take control of your time off with confidence and clarity - happy scheduling!


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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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