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Vacation vs. compensatory time off

Curious about what the difference is between vacation allowance and compensatory time off? Keep reading to find out more!

Vacation allowance

Your vacation allowance is your yearly vacation contingent. This number depends on how many vacation days your company allows in a year and can be viewed under "My calendar".

Compensatory time off

If you log any overtime hours, these hours can be counted towards your total compensatory time off. Therefore, any comp time you have will be added on to your total vacation allowance for that year.

For example, Adele would have had a total of 28.5 Vacation days in 2023 but she's already requested a 1/2 vacation day which leaves her with 28 days leftover. However, she has 3 compensatory time off days which means her total leftover vacation contingent for 2023 is brought up to 31 days.


Only an admin can maintain and manage these hours in absentify. Click here to learn more about setting a user's annual vacation contingent or here to learn about editing a user's compensatory time off.

Comp time in our Roadmap

We're currently working on another leave type that will allow users to deduct their absence either specifically from their comp time or their vacation allowance. If you want to let us know you'd like us to implement this idea sooner, then give it an upvote in our Roadmap!

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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