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Who can see vacation allowance?

Who can see vacation allowance?

As a manager, administrator or an approver, you can see how much vacation allowance your employees have.

All other employees can only view their own vacation allowance.

If you are a department manager/approver, you'll be able to view the vacation allowance for each employee within your department. If you're an administrator, you'll be able to view this for all employees within your company.

From the 'Overview' page, choose a name from the roster.

As a department manager/approver/administrator, you'll see the following on the left hand side:

Allowance: how much total vacation allowance they're allotted for the year
Brought forward: how many vacation days were brought forward from the previous year
Vacation: how many vacation days they've already booked
Days remaining: how many days they have left in their allowance after the booked vacation days have been deducted

As a regular employee, the roster will only show their own vacation allowance in the blue bubble.

After selecting a co-workers calendar, an employee will only see the following:

As an administrator, you'll also be able to create requests for your employees from their calendar and depending on the restrictions set in place by your administrator, department managers may be able to do this as well.

For more information on creating requests for your employees, please visit our 'Quickguide for Managers' and 'Quickguide for Administrators'.

Updated on: 26/02/2023

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