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Integrate absentify in your company's Teams account

Overview of absentify in Teams

Simplify managing your company's schedule by adding absentify to your Microsoft Teams account!

Because of the seamless integration between absentify and Microsoft Teams, you can easily synchronize the two.

No need to update multiple calendars anymore, since they'll be automatically synchronized for you, including any notifications such as employee birthdays or anniversaries to help you stay up-to-date.

This support article is for Microsoft admins who need to enable absentify in their company’s Teams account, granting access to all users. If you're looking to add absentify to your personal Teams account and it has already been approved by your tenant admin, please read this article instead: Install absentify in Teams.

Getting started

What you'll need:

An active Microsoft 365 subscription
Access to a Microsoft 365 administrator account
Activated Microsoft Teams for your organization

1. Sign in to the Microsoft Teams admin center

To do this, go to the Teams admin portal and enter your username and password.

Access the Teams admin center dashboard from the homepage.

2. Set Global (org-wide) app permission policies

Select the Teams apps dropdown followed by Permission policies and click on Global (Org-wide default).

Under Third-party apps, either ensure that Allow all apps is selected, or choose Allow specific apps and block others. From there you can search for absentify to add it to the list of approved apps. 

3. Activate absentify in Teams

Select Manage apps and search for absentify.

Click on the checkmark next to absentify and select Allow.

Click Allow to let users access the application in Teams.

Click on the application to review the permission policies.

Click on Permissions, then Review permissions to launch a new window with the requested permissions. Click Accept.

If necessary, review the Settings for the application. 

Download this guide as a PDF

If you'd like a copy of the absentify for Microsoft Teams deployment guide as a PDF, feel free to download a copy here.

This document provides guidance for Microsoft 365 administrators to deploy absentify in Microsoft Teams, or information for Team users to get started with absentify.

Updated on: 16/06/2024

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