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Set your business hours

How to set your business hours in absentify

Setting up your business hours is a crucial first step in managing your team’s schedules effectively in absentify. These hours define the standard work periods for your entire company, ensuring consistency and clarity for all users. Let's dive into how you can set these hours.

Before we begin:

This article will cover how to set up your company's schedule as a whole. If you're looking to adjust the schedule of an individual user, we recommend checking out this article instead: Set up a user's schedule.

Step-by-Step guide to setting business hours

Log In to absentify: Start by logging into your absentify account.

Navigate to business hours settings: Go to Settings > General > Business hours > View and edit.

Configure working days and times: You will see an interface where you can select the working days and set the working hours for your company.

Setup for half days:

If you want to schedule your staff for a full eight-hour shift, be sure to select the boxes for both the morning and afternoon shifts. If you've set up half days but want a full day to be deducted from the user's allowance when they request a day off on a half day, select the box for Deduct full day.

Save your changes: Once you have set the desired working days and hours, click Save to apply these changes.

Why setting business hours matters

By defining your business hours, you ensure that all absence requests, such as vacations, are deducted accurately from the appropriate working days. This setup provides a foundation for all individual schedules within your company, making absence management seamless and efficient.

Tipp: It's important to note that any new users added to your organization's absentify account will automatically be assigned the schedule defined by your business hours. However, if a user works on a different schedule, such as part-time, we recommend adjusting the individual user's schedule. This can be done quickly and easily by following these simple steps outlined here: Setup a user's schedule

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Updated on: 27/06/2024

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