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Managing departments

In absentify it easy to set up departments to keep your company and staff organized.

Whether you're looking to group together employees who have similar roles, or categorize users within their existing departments, customizing departments will make managing you company's time off a lot easier!

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Add a new department
Edit a department
Delete a department
Update a user's assigned department
Privacy: Department visibility

Add a new department

You can find all the tools you need to manage your departments on the Settings > Departments page.

From there, you can create new departments, edit existing departments, and assign department managers.

If you need to create a new department, click the Add new department button. 

A window will open where you'll be prompted to enter the details of the new department.

Manager: Each department should have a designated manager who is responsible for approving time off requests and managing department settings. You can select more than one manager if you have the More than one Approver upgrade.

Remember: By default, the department manager will be the assigned approver for any new users added to the department. This can easily be configured under the user's profile. Learn more by visiting our support article, Selecting a user's approver.

Approval process: Here you can specify by how many members of management the request needs to be approved by and in what order they will receive the request (if you've selected more than one manager).

Maximum absent: This is the maximum number of users that can be absent in the department at any given time. This helps you keep track of absences and ensures that there are always enough people available to cover the department's workload.

Advanced settings:
Enter the number of days/hours per allowance type that each user should be allotted for the fiscal year when they are assigned to this department. This feature helps admins manage leave entitlement and ensures that employees within the same department are given the same amount of leave.

Read more about updating allowances via our support article, Creating and editing allowances.

Once you have entered all the required information, don't forget to click the Save to create the department.

That's it! The new department will now appear within the list of departments.

Edit a department

If you need to edit an existing department, click on the pencil icon next to the department, from the Settings > Departments page. 

This will bring you back to the same window where you can edit any of the settings you previously made.

Delete a department

If you need to delete an existing department, click on the dustbin icon next to the department. A confirmation window will appear, asking if you are sure you want to delete the department. If you are sure, click on the Delete button again. This will permanently delete the department. 

Please note, that if you have users that are only assigned to this department, you will first need to move them to another department before you can delete it.

Update a user's assigned department

If you need to move users from one department to another, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Users.

From the users page, you will see a list of all the users in your company. To change a user's department, click on the pencil icon next to the user for Edit.

A window will appear with the user's details. From the Department dropdown-menu, select the department you wish to move the user to.

If you wish, you'll have the option here to add users to more than one department. But if you only want them in one department, simply click on the x next to the unwanted department.

Don't forget to click Save to move the user to the selected department(s).

Privacy: Department visibility

In the privacy settings, you have the option to make the departments visible to all users. If you choose to hide the departments, employees will not be able to see any other department except their own on the Overview page.

Simply go to Settings > General > Privacy. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, activate the toggle to allow cross-department visibility.

For more information on department visibility, check out our support article, Department visibility.

Now you're an expert on managing your departments easily and efficiently within absentify!

If you need additional departments, check out our Plans & Pricing page to see about upgrading your plan. Adding departments can help coordinate your staff and make scheduling time off clearly distinguishable between all divisions within your company.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.


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Updated on: 07/05/2024

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