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Adjusting maximum carryover

absentify allows you to set up the maximum annual carryover allowance for each user to be carried over into the following year!

By the end of this article, you'll know how to change the allowance from one user to the next, as well as setting up automatic vacation carryover into your next fiscal year so you don't have to worry about doing this on a yearly basis.

Let's get started

If your company offers an annual carryover, administrators can easily set up a maximum carryover company wide. This will allow users to carryover some or all of their unused vacation days into the following year. 

Setting up maximum carryover

First, go to Settings > Allowance and select the pencil icon for Edit next to the selected allowance.

Set the number of days you would like to be brought forward into the following year and click Save to save your changes.

By setting the maximum carryover to 5 and a user has 10 vacation days left at the end of the year, then only 5 of those days will be carried over into the next year.

Please note that if you've created more than one type of allowance, the set number of carryover days applies to all types. However, we are happy to say that it is a planned feature, so head over to our roadmap and give it a thumbs up!

Edit carryover individually

Start by navigating to Settings > Users and select the user who's yearly allowance entitlement you'd like to change by clicking the pencil icon.

Go to Allowance and select the pencil icon again for the year you'd like to edit.

You'll be redirected to the following page:

Please note that if you intend to manually adjust the carryover entitlement for either the current or the next year, you will see the following notice. Read thoroughly before continuing!

Breakdown of allowance adjustment options:

Carryover: : The total amount of unused vacation days are to be carried over from the previous year
Allowance: : The total amount of vacation days for that year
Compensatory time off: : The number of remunerative time off days

The following columns will be automatically calculated:

Taken: This will automatically be calculated based on how many vacation days the user has taken
Remaining: This will be automatically calculated after subtracting the total number of vacation days used

Once you're happy with your entry, click Save to save your changes.

Example of a quota calculation:

A carryover from the previous year of 2 days means that 2 days are added to the quota.
The credit is taken from the department and is available to the user as an annual quota. 
A time off balance of one day is also added to the quota, so this stands at 33 days.

Only administrators can change this value.

If your user has entered an approved leave, the sum of all requests will be under "days taken".
Carryover + Allowance + Compensatory time-off - Taken = Remaining

View carryover in your calendar

Users can see how many days have been carried over by simply heading to ´My calendar´ and referring to the "Carried over" section in the left-hand column. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team or give us feedback on our roadmap. We're always happy to hear back from our users!


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Updated on: 11/01/2024

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