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Add absentify to your Teams account

Overview of absentify in Teams

Because of the seamless integration between absentify and Microsoft Teams, you can easily download the absentify app in Microsoft Teams to help manage your schedule!

No need to have to update multiple calendars anymore, since they'll be automatically synchronized to help you stay on top of your agenda.

Please note: This article is for users who want to add absentify to their Teams account. If you're a Microsoft tenant admin and haven't set up Microsoft Teams for your organization yet, please read our help guide here for how to get started.

Getting started

What you'll need:

An active Teams account
An active absentify account

Add absentify to Teams

Open Microsoft Teams and sign in.

Select the Apps icon on the left side of the Teams window.

Search for absentify

Click on the application and press the Add button.

That's it! Now you're all set up to start tracking your time with absentify in Teams.


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Updated on: 16/06/2024

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