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Create Out of Office Replies

Ever found yourself receiving emails while on vacation because you forgot to set your out-of-office message in Outlook?

No need to continually set your out-of-office reply every time you take vacation; with absentify, you can enable automatic out-of-office replies. People will know you're away even if you forget to set-up your automatic reply.

This article goes over setting up out of office replies for individual users. If you are an admin and wish to set this up for your team as a whole, just follow these few simply steps outlined here.

Let's get started

absentify will automatically send your desired out-of-office message from Outlook during the time of your absence. As soon as you’re back in the office, this feature will be turned off.

To access this feature, navigate to Your preferences > Automatic replies.

If the Automatic replies option isn't shown under your preferences, your administrator will need to enable this feature by following the steps outlined here.

As soon as you see the Automatic replies option, you're ready to set up this feature.

Configure your template:

Select the type of leave for which you'd like to set up your automatically generated out-of-office reply whenever this leave type is tracked in your calendar.

Flip the toggle to view the templates provided.

You can customize your out-of-office reply for each individual leave.

The leave types provided will be those available within your organization.

Once you've selected the template for the leave type, you'll see two template options:

Inside organization template: This message will be sent to your internal contacts.

Outside organization template: This message will be sent to your external contacts.

If you decide you’d like absentify to send automatic out-of-office replies to external contacts, check the box for “Send replies outside your organization”. Otherwise, check the box for "Send replies only to contacts".

Using the variables

If you'd like to automatically send the same out-of-office reply every time you're scheduled to be away, we recommend using the variables. By setting up a template, absentify sends the same message every time you're out of the office but with differing dates depending on your leave.

Start date: when your leave begins
Start time: when your leave ends
Date of return: the day you'll return from your leave (we will automatically calculate this date for you, based on your schedule, holidays, and other absences)
Time of return: the time of day you'll return from your leave
Manager name: the name of your manager
Manager email: the email address of your manager

If you decide to enter the "Date of return" manually, your automatic replies will be turned off as of that day and you’ll have to specify the time period again the next time you’re out of the office.
Whereas if you use the placeholders, absently will edit this automatically for you whenever you take a leave of absence of the selected type.

For example, if you use the placeholder {{DateOfReturn}} in your template, it will be replaced with the actual start date of your leave when the message is sent.

Send test E-mail

After editing your templates, click Send test email to send a test email to yourself and make sure the layout is to your liking.

Once you're happy with your template, click Save to save your changes.

From here, you can save a different template for each type of leave by selecting a new Leave type template from the top of the page.

If for whatever reason, the automatic out-of-office reply can't be set-up, you'll get an email with the text that you can copy and paste manually into Outlook. To do this, copy the text from the email and go to Settings > Mail > Automatic Replies in Outlook. Paste the text in the text box and click Save.

And that's it! Now you can relax on your vacation knowing that your out-of-office replies are taken care of.

If you need any further help setting up this feature, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team or share your ideas with us on our Roadmap - we'd love to hear your feedback!


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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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