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Understanding absentify pricing: A detailed guide to our plans

absentify offers three different plans that cover a wide range of absence planning requirements. Out of all plans we offer, you're sure to find the perfect solution that will cover your organizations's scheduling needs. For businesses big or small, there's sure to be a plan that's perfect for you!

This detailed outline will help you decide which option is most suitable for you and your company.

Breakdown of all plans

Below you'll find a list of what's included in all plans... including the free plan!

Unlimited users: Add as many users as you'd like! But please note that this does not include unlimited user permissions
Public holidays for 250 countries: Perfect for companies spread over multiple countries. Each staff member can view the public holidays that correspond with their location
Single sign in with Microsoft: No additional sign in required while using absentify on Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams App integration: Complete integration of absentify within the Teams App including overall preinstallation for all staff members
Microsoft teams mobile app access: Access absentify on Microsoft Teams through your phone
Schedules and workweeks: Customization of different set schedules for each user, which correspond to their time off requests
Department absence rules: Specify how many users can take time off at once per department
Custom leave types: Add and customize leave types that correspond with your company's needs
Custom leave policies: Determine exactly which leave types must be approved, which ones must be deducted from contingent, and whether a maximum amount of leave needs to be considered
Unlimited admins: Allow admin rights to as many users as you'd like
Microsoft Outlook integration: Integrate your Microsoft Outlook with absentify for easier time tracking across all platforms
Annual reports: Receive a summary of yearly absences, available as an Excel download for your records
Privacy modes: Determine which users can view absence reasons and other users' schedules
Microsoft Teams Groups sync: Connect departments with a Team or AD group (this feature isn't available yet but keep your eyes open, as it's coming soon!)
Community based translations: Reaching nationalities worldwide with currently 7 languages offered
Automatic notifications: Push notifications sent to affected staff members if changes are made to an absence (offered via E-mail and Teams)

Free Plan

Perfect for small companies and teams

Price: 0€ per month

Whats included?

Departments: 2 Departments are included. Upgrade to the Business or the Enterprise plan to access the Add-on for more departments
Absence trends and insights: Included, but limited to one upcoming birthday, the top employee on the burnout board, and booked absences per month are not broken down per leave type
Support: Offered via E-mail

Business Plan

Suitable for teams and businesses of any size

Price: 25 € per month

Whats included?

Departments: 4 departments are included but additional departments are available as Add-on for an additional 10,00 € per month per department
Absence trends and Insights: See all upcoming birthdays, all employees on the burnout board, and an overview of all booked absences per month throughout the course of the year
Microsoft Power Automate Connector: 3 included
Webhooks: 3 included
Shared Outlook Calendar sync: One shared calendar is included but additional calendars are also available as an Add-on for an additional 5,00 € per calendar, per month
More than one Approver: Available but only as an Add-on for an additional 25,00 € per month
Representative logic Available but only as an Add-on for an additional 25,00 € per month
Support Our support team will be happy to assist you via E-mail, where all your emails will be pushed ahead as a priority

Enterprise Plan

Price: starting at 150 € month (3 € per user, per month with a minimum activation of 50 users)

Whats included?

Departments: Unlimited
Absence trends and insights: See all upcoming birthdays, all employees on the burnout board, and an overview of all booked absences per month throughout the course of the year
Microsoft Power Automate Connector: Unlimited
Webhooks: Unlimited
Shared Outlook Calendar sync: Unlimited
More than one Approver: Included
Representative logic: Included
Extended White Label: Choose your own logo and colors through your very own domain. This also includes customizing your team name and logo in Microsoft Teams
Microsoft powerBi connector: A connector will be provided to help incorporate the data from absentify into other statistics
API support: We offer full API support, which can be used to help integrate absentify into your own systems
Pay per invoice: Availability to pay via invoice
Custom onboarding and setup: We will be by your side to help you setup your organizations new absence planner, and offer step by step support during this process (additional costs)
Support: Your requests will be marked as high priority and our support team is dedicated to resolve them first

Tip: For more info on what's included per plan as well as a quick price breakdown of each plan, see our Pricing page.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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