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Archive/unarchive and delete users

absentify offers it's users the ease of being able to organize current and former employees without losing any of the employee's data!

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Archive users
Unarchive users
Delete users

Archive users

As an absentify admin, you can easily archive users to keep track of your active users.

Start by going to Settings > Users and click on the box to the right of the user.

To make sure that you don't archive the user mistakenly, a message will appear asking whether you really want to archive and thus deactivate this user.

By clicking on Archive, the user will no longer be shown as active.

To get to the archived users, simply go to Settings > Users > Archived.

Unarchive users

Incase an employee decides to come back to work at your company, you don't have to re-upload all their data again, you can just unarchive them!

Go to Settings > Users > Archived and from here click on the pencil icon to the right of the user for Edit

The user's profile will open in a new window. Go to > Profile > Archive User.

After deactivating the toggle and clicking Save, you'll find the user under "Active users". They'll now have access to your organization's absentify again.

Delete users

Under "Archived users", you can permanently delete a user if you'd like. To do this, click on the trash to the right of the user in the "archived" section.

A new message will appear to confirm that the action cannot be undone.

To delete the user, click the red Delete button

Updated on: 05/11/2023

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