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Activate users

When adding new users, it's helpful to first be able to finish setting up your organization's absentify account before sending users their invitation.

We make this feature easy for administrators, so you don't have to worry about new users logging in before you've finished setting up your organization's absence planner!

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Adding a new user

To start, you'll first need to add a user. From the add user page, input all the necessary user information.

Click Save to save your changes. (Psst, this information can be edited at any time!)

Once you've added the user, you'll notice a small bell icon above their name, which signals that the user is still inactive. The following message will appear by hovering over the icon.

Activating a new user

Click on the pencil icon for Edit once you're ready to activate the user.

From here you can also make any changes such as designating them to a new department(s), editing their allotted contingent leave for the year, or assigning them a new approver(s).

Scroll down to Inactive User and activate this toggle to send the user their invitation via Email to your organization's absentify.

The user will receive the following email, redirecting them to the login page. Once the user follows the link and logs into absentify, their account will be fully enabled.

Troubleshooting for new users

If you're trying to log into your organization's absentify but haven't received an Email invite yet, you can prompt your manager with a quick reminder Email to activate your account. Here's how:

Start by going to the absentify log in page and click Sign in. So long as you're using the same log in details associated with the absentify account input by your administrator, you'll receive the following message:

Click Send reminder to administrator. The administrator will receive the following email, from which they can follow the link, Activate colleague.

The admin will be brought to the user overview and only needs to follow the same steps outlined above to activate the user.

After the admin has saved these changes, you'll receive an Email invite which will allow you to log in.

Troubleshooting for admins

In the event that the user didn't receive the Email invite, absentify offers three easy ways to grant an employee access:

1. Invitation by Administrator or Employee

The administrator or another employee can send an email to the concerned employee, asking them to install the absentify app in Microsoft Teams or to follow this link.

Once the employee logs in and their email address is matched to an existing invitation, they gain access to your organization's workspace.

2. Installation by Teams Administrator

Firstly, the teams administrator has to pre-install absentify for the concerned employee within Microsoft Teams - ideally pinning it to the left menu for easy access.

The next time the employee starts Microsoft Teams, they will see a notification that a new app has been automatically installed.

3. Deactivate and reactivate the user

You can also try to resend the same invitation email by deactivating and reactivating the user.

Next to the concerned user, click on the pencil icon for Edit and scroll down to "Inactive User". Flip the toggle back to Off to deactivate the user and click Save to save your changes. Once the user is inactivate, flip the toggle On once more to reactivate them.

The user should receive the email invite and can follow the same login steps outlined above.

Further troubleshooting

What happens if the email address can't be matched?

If an employee logs in and their email address cannot be matched to an existing invitation, they have two options:

- To create a new workspace in absentify, or
- To request that administrators invite them (this is only possible if their email domain can be matched to an existing workspace).

If you're still running into difficulty, don't hesitate to start a conversation with our support team!


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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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