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Archive/ unarchive and delete users

You can also archive users to keep track of your active users.

Settings > Users > click on the box behind the user 

Immediately after clicking on the box, a message appears asking whether you really want to archive and thus deactivate this user.

If you then click on the red "Archive" button, the user will be moved to the archive. 

To get to the archive, follow the steps Settings > User > Archived

This is how you get to the archive.

Delete users

In the archive you can permanently delete your archived users. To do this, click on the trash can behind the user in the archive. A new message will appear to confirm that the action cannot be undone.

To delete it, click the red "Delete" button.

Unarchive user

Your user appears at work again? You want to unarchive him?

Then go to Settings > User > Archived > Pen behind User > Profile > Archive User

There you have to click the green button (if archived) to cancel the archiving, so the button should change to gray (not archived). Now you can edit your user under the active users again.


After you have set the switch to gray, you must click on "Save" to save all changes

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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