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Customize your fiscal year

At absentify, we strive to bring our users unprecedented flexibility to their absence management process – which is even more accessible with the ability to customize your company's fiscal year.

Tailoring your organization's display year is going to revolutionize how you manage absences! With this new customization, you now have the power to schedule working hours and time off in a way that perfectly aligns with your organization's structure.

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Change your fiscal year
Vacation delegation and rollover
Changing Vacation Allowance
Updated Insights page

Change your fiscal year

Whether your fiscal year starts in July or October, absentify lets you set it up effortlessly.

Please note that changing this setting requires admin rights.

Change your company's fiscal year by simply going to Settings > General > Fiscal year start month .

Then select the month that corresponds with the start of your company's fiscal year from the Drop-down menu.

Changing the year's start and end dates for your company will allow you to update the calendar view for all users within your organization.

Vacation delegation and rollover

Define your own fiscal year allows your to enjoy the convenience of customizing vacation rollovers accordingly.

This ensures that any remaining leave balance at the end of your fiscal year carries over seamlessly into the next, reducing complexities and streamlining your HR processes.

But keep in mind that changing the fiscal year will not automatically update the user's vacation that they had taken in the previous year and will need to be manually updated by an admin.

Because vacation contingent is set per year, if you decide to change the year, vacation that was taken in the previous year after updating, may alter the user's yearly vacation status including how much vacation contingent they still have left and the rollover from the previous year.

For example, this company would like to change their fiscal year from January - December to April - March but Noélia had taken 7 vacation days between the period of January - April and her vacation from the previous year is only set to 0.

This means that after adjustment is made, Noélia's calendar will show that she has -7 days that were carried over into the new year.

But not to worry, this can be easily adjusted to match with the user's correct yearly vacation allowance!

Changing Vacation Allowance

First go to Settings > Users > select the pencil icon next to the user for Edit.

From here navigate to Allowance from the left side rail and change the Vacation allowance for the previous year.

Don't forget to click the checkmark to save your changes!

Now you'll see when we go back to Noélia's calendar, the vacation statistics for the newly updated calendar year coincide with the vacation that she had taken.

Updated Insights page

With the customized fiscal year feature, absentify's reporting and analytics now align with your chosen time frame from the "Insights" page.

We understand how important data-driven decisions are for any organization's growth. Leave patterns, budget allocations, and employee burnout will now be specifically tailored to your fiscal year structure!

All the statistics displayed on this page will be automatically updated for you, to help simplify the fiscal year adjustment.

If you have any questions about this feature, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team here!

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Updated on: 22/09/2023

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