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Setting up default allowances

absentify offers its users an ingenious 'Default Allowance' feature, a tool that simplifies the way admins manage user allowances. This feature ensures every team member's calendar is a clear reflection of their entitlements.

Every team is unique, and so is every team member's leave entitlement. absentify recognizes this, providing admins the power to assign a default allowance that gracefully aligns with each user's needs.

Keep reading to learn how this helpful feature can step up your absence planning structure! But remember that customizing of this feature is only available for admin users.

Let's get started

From the admin dashboard, click on Settings > Users.

Select the user for whom you wish to set a default allowance and click the pencil icon for Edit.

Navigate to Allowances from the left panel.

Activate the toggle for Default above the allowance type that you'd like to assign as their default allowance. This will be the first thing they see on their calendar and overview page.

For example, according to the settings displayed in the photo below, Debra's default allowance will be Vacation.

This default setting can be viewed from both the user's calendar and the overview page, making it the first thing the admins, the user and their approver(s) see.

Customizing allowance visibility

Once you're happy with the adaption to the default allowance, you can now curate the allowance visibility.

With customizable visibility settings, admins can choose to hide certain allowances, ensuring they don't appear on a user's calendar.

Decide which allowances should not be visible to the user by simply deactivating the Visible toggle above the allowance.

For example, in the photo below Debra's default allowance was updated from Vacation to Flex time and the visibility for Medical Appointment has been deactivated.

This action will hide the allowance type from the user's calendar. In the photo displayed below, you can see that the allowance Medical Appointment is no longer visible in Debra's calendar.

Additionally, any leave types associated with this allowance will not be able to be requested by the user. When Debra tries to request leave, the leave type Medical Appointment which is associated with the Medical Appointment allowance, is no longer selectable.

Let's keep the conversation going

Should you have any questions or if you're eager to explore more ways to enhance your team's absence planning experience, the absentify support line is always here to assist.

And if there's a feature you wish to see developed, don't hesitate to leave your recommendations on absentify's roadmap. Happy planning!

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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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