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Setup a user's schedule

How to set a user's schedule in absentify

While the company's business hours set the standard, there may be times when you need to customize the schedule for specific users. absentify allows you to tailor individual schedules to accommodate varying work patterns, ensuring accurate leave tracking and management.

Step-by-Step guide to setting a user's schedule

Log In to absentify: Ensure you are logged into your absentify account.

Navigate to user settings: Go to Settings > Users.

Edit a user's schedule: Click on the pencil icon (Edit) next to the user whose schedule you wish to modify, then go to Schedule.

Modify or add a new schedule: You can edit the current work schedule or click Add a new schedule if the user has an upcoming change in their schedule.

Set the working hours: Specify the user's working hours and the start date for the new schedule by selecting a date from the from dropdown list.

Tip: For users working half days, you can check the boxes for "morning" or "afternoon" shifts accordingly.

Save your changes: Click Save to apply the changes. You will then see the new schedule and its effective date.

Note: A user cannot have two active schedules simultaneously. The old schedule will automatically be marked as Completed once the new one takes effect.

Benefits of custom user schedules

By customizing schedules, you can cater to part-time employees, shift workers, or any specific needs of your team members. This flexibility helps in maintaining accurate leave records and ensures everyone’s working hours are properly managed.

Additionally, the user's schedule will now automatically appear in their calendar. If any time off is requested outside their regular working schedule, it will not be included in the total absence time, making your team's absences easier to track!

Need help?

For further assistance, feel free to contact absentify support. If you have suggestions for new features, please leave recommendations on the absentify roadmap. We're here to help you make the most out of absentify!

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Updated on: 11/07/2024

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