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Get the most out of absentify and Power Automate

Analyzing leave data has never been easier with the combination of absentify's efficiency in managing employee absences and Power Automate's ability to optimize processes.

While absentify simplifies and automates the absence management process, Microsoft's business intelligence tool empowers organizations to convert raw data into actionable insights. With absentify's integration within the Microsoft environment, the connection to Power Automate ensures for a seamless and efficient handling of employee leave.

Keep reading to learn how to make your professional life easier and more efficient through smart statistical analysis!

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On Microsoft:

Please note that this feature is only available in the business and enterprise plan. Interested? See our Plans and pricing to power up your plan and get the most out of what absentify has to offer!

To receive constantly updated stats about your staff's leave, install the connector by clicking here for a quick how-to guide.

On Windows, the analytics are updated for you automatically, but if you're using the Business or Free Plan you can do this easily from your browser but you'll need to manually upload the data.

On the web:

The easiest way to analyze data within Power Automate online is to first download an Excel spreadsheet to get an overview of all the data within your organization's absentify.

In absentify, go to Settings > Export. This will allow you to download an Excel spreadsheet with supplemented data from absentify from the app.

By clicking on the dropdown arrow, you can decide if you'd like to export an entire fiscal year or, if you have the Enterprise Plan, you can select just one single month to export.

In the example below, the fiscal year is set to start in April. This can easily be changed by following these steps.

Click Data Export to download the spreadsheet with all stats automatically populated for you, saving you time!

Open up your excel spreadsheet from your finder and alter any values if need be. There will be three sheets with the following information for the chosen time frame:

Allowances: Leave allowances per user according to allowance type, total carried over, total contingent, taken and remaining.
Leave: Requested leave and all related data to each individual request.
Absences per day: Absences per day broken down per month, leave type, current status and the allowance type.

Each sheet will need to be uploaded separately in the browser.

Once you're happy with the data you'd like to upload, head over to Microsoft Power Automate.

Click on Create or New report to start analyzing your data.

Select how you'd like to start building a report. By opting for the Manual data entry option, simply copy and paste the data from the Excel spreadsheet.

After clicking Auto-create report an extensive overview of all input data will be generated for you. It's that easy!

User tips:

Whether you're a business owner, HR manager, or an employee looking to optimize your work experience, understanding the capabilities of these tools can significantly impact your success.

Set filters

You can easily customize which information you'd like to see analyzed. From the right hand side under Your data, select or deselect according to your desired view.

Edit charts

Personalize the chart types and statistics to help further evaluate your team's time-off stats.

You can edit the values of each individual chart by clicking on the chart and the button at the top right hand corner.

After editing your charts, click on a certain value in one chart to see all other affected data.

Connecting Power Automate and absentify is a great way to boost your workplace efficiency by automatically generating leave statistics within your organization, enabling data-driven decision-making!

absentify's Enterprise plan provides you with a Connector to further visualize the absentify data in Microsoft Power Automate and incorporate it into your other statistics.

With the combined power of these tools, your organization can create a more agile and resourceful workforce while reducing administrative burdens. Speak with a member of our Team today about upgrading to the Enterprise plan and take advantage of this useful connector!


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Updated on: 26/06/2024

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