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Maximum absentees

If your department has to keep a minimum staffing, then you can use the Maximum absent function. With it you can determine the maximum number of users absent at the same time in a certain department. 

You can find the function under the settings of the departments.

Settings > Departments > Pen behind department > Maximum absent

If you then click on the number of the previously set maximum absent users, a drop-down list appears and you can approve up to 9 simultaneously absent users per department

How it works

Since there is a setting of the maximum absentees, the number of users who have requested an absence at the same time or in the same period is limited. (To the set factor of maximum absentees in a department). 

If the limit of the maximum number of absentees is already reached, then the users requesting an absence will receive a message. The message says that they cannot make the request because otherwise the limit of the minimum number of employees in this period will not be reached.

You can remove the limit for certain absence types via:

Settings > Absence types > Switch behind the absence type.

Green switch means the maximum occupation of the department is considered, gray switch means the maximum occupation of the department is not considered.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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