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Who can see absence reasons?

Administrators can always see the reason for their employees' absences but depending on the privacy settings, employees, managers and approvers may not be able to view the reason for a co-workers absence. Keep reading to learn more about what's visible and what isn't.

Within your department:

Employees and managers/approvers within a department can see the reason for their co-workers absence.

This can be seen either through the icon shown, or by hovering over the day of the absence.

Regular employees who view a co-workers calendar within their department will see the following:

Whereas managers and approvers will be able to see the employees' vacation allowance as well:

Outside your department:

For both employees and managers/approvers, the reason for your co-workers leave of absence will not be shown if they're outside of your department.

Their vacation allowance in their calendar won't be shown either.

For more information on vacation allowance visibility, please visit our support article "Who can see vacation allowance?".

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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