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Selecting a user's approver

In absentify, all leave requests must be approved by a designated approver. A user's leave requests are approved by their department head by default. However, this can be overridden for each individual employee.

Want to learn learn how to implement this function to streamline the approval process for leave requests? Keep reading!

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Custom option
Linear vs. Parallel approval
Approval notifications
Special admin permissions

Default option

The default approver for each user will be their department manager. To learn how to change department managers visit our support guide on managing departments here.

To view a user's default approver, go to Settings > User, select a user and access their profile by clicking the pencil icon for Edit.

In the pop-up window, select Approver from the side rail. Here, you can select the department manager for that user by selecting the corresponding department.

In the example below, Miriam is the designated approver since she's the head of the marketing department. Only the assigned approver will receive a notification of the leave request, which they can then approve or deny.

Don't forget to click Save to save your changes!

Custom option

This function is designed for users who have the right to approve leave requests, but their own leave requests must be approved by higher-ranking managers. This ensures that all requests are approved properly.

From the user's profile whom you'd like to change their approver, go to Approver > Custom.

You'll now have the option to change the approver. However, please note that the selection here may be limited depending on how you've set your privacy permissions for the departments.

To change this, go to Settings > General > Privacy.

For example, with the toggle flipped off, you'll only be able to select approvers who are in the same department as the user. Whereas if you have set the permission feature so that all departments are visible to all users, then all users within the company could be potential approvers (even if they're in different departments).

If you've decided to enable these privacy settings, then the possible approvers displayed for the user will only be those within their department.

Linear vs. Parallel approval

In the custom option, you can also specify by how many members of management the request needs to be approved by and in what order they will receive the request.

Please note that this feature is only available in the business and enterprise plan. Interested? See our Plans and pricing to power up your plan and get the most out of what absentify has to offer!


If it not required that anyone approves the leave, you can either select yourself as the approver, or set it up in the Leave Type that the vacation generally does not require approval. To learn more on how to configure this, visit our support guide.

Approval notifications

A general notification will be sent to the requestor at every status change of a requested leave type.

This means that the requestor will be notified of every approver's decision unless the decision results in an immediate overall status change of the request (i.e.: approval or rejection). In which case, the corresponding notification for the leave request will be sent to the user.

Special permissions

Admins and managers have the ability to approve or deny leave requests even if they are not the designated approver. Admins can do this for any user within their company, while managers have the right to process requests for users within their department.

Please note that if an admin or manager acts on behalf of an actual approver, the actual approver receives a notification that the approval or rejection was made by that person.

To do this, click on the bell icon in the upper right corner to see all pending leave requests.

The designated approver per request will be displayed on this page. In the example below, Adele is the approver for Diego but Miriam (admin user) can still see the leave request and choose to approve or deny it.

As an admin user, you can approve or deny any leave request whether it is to take place in the future or up to once fiscal year in the past.

As an approver, you can approve or deny leave requests but your own leave request must be approved by a higher-ranking manager or business manager.

If you have any further questions about setting up the approval process, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're always happy to help and hear your feedback!

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Updated on: 04/04/2024

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